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Juggernaut designs and builds custom websites that INTEGRATE into your business, solve problems and help your business scale. We will never be the “template” website builders. Instead, we build custom Shopify stores and custom enterprise-level websites that are designed around your business and goals.

Step 01


During this phase we go the distance to make sure we learn what your problems, needs, wants and potential competitive advantages are. From there we devise a plan that will make sure your new website becomes the ultimate tool for you and your business to grow.

Step 02


Once a plan has been made, we’ll move onto designing your website. In this step, we don’t actually write a single line of code, but rather design your entire home page and important pages. This way you know EXACTLY how your website will look before we build it. We’ll gather feedback and dial in the design, then once approved, execute the build.

Step 03


Once the design of your site has been 100% approved, we’ll begin building your website. Project timelines will be determined after the design phase has been completed, and every project is different. Once we’re far enough into the build, we’ll share your website’s progress with you on a testing server so you can track the progress.

Step 04


Our favorite day of every project! Once fully approved by you and your team, we’ll decide on a day to launch your website. Launch day will always be a very planned day we mutually work and decide on so you can make marketing and administrative arrangements for your new website. Congrats in advance!

" It's a pleasure working with local people who not only understand our business and its needs, but are committed to helping us grow and succeed. Their level of service, commitment, honesty, patience, and upfront communication greatly surpassed our expectations. "

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Websites built by Juggernaut

River's Edge Restaurant

River's Edge Restaurant

This high-end restaurant in Southern Oregon had a mission to have a web presence that matches the caliber of dining experience and food that they offer. We also suggested to them an all-in-one solution to updating their menu across multiple platforms. We custom built a tool so that now, they update their menu on a software called Single Platform and our tool updates their menu on google, Yelp AND their website with one click. This tool automatically styles the menu so that they can even export a PDF of their menu directly off of their website. What a fun project!

B2B Transportation Services, Inc.

B2B Transportation Services, Inc.

The B2B team came to us with a dated website that wasn't much of a part of their day-to-day business. They wanted to change that. Along with redesigning their entire web presence, we built custom forms and automations that integrate directly in their day-to-day business, making their jobs easier and saving them valuable time every day.

Unicorn Brand

Unicorn Brand

Unicorn Brand is a local Southern Oregon brand that had a brand design, but no website yet. We designed and built their website on the Shopify platform, complete with a full SEO strategy, email marketing automations and high-level marketing strategy that drives sales to their store every day.

Oregon Originals

Oregon Originals

Oregon Originals is a local Southern Oregon CBD brand that had a website with a need for eCommerce and SEO optimization. We re-designed and re-built their website on the Shopify platform, including a full SEO strategy, email marketing automations and high-level marketing strategy that drives sales to their store every day.

The Point Pub & Grill

The Point Pub & Grill

This local restaurant came to us right at the beginning of the pandemic needing a web re-design and a strategy shift. We re-designed and re-built their website and most importantly, optimized their site for prioritizing taking online to-go orders. They've been cranking ever since!

Jaxon Hemp

Jaxon Hemp

JAXON is a local Southern Oregon hemp & CBD broker that also has their own beautiful retail brand. They came to us with an idea to sell hemp & CBD products online and we brought that to fruition. We built JAXON a custom Shopify website from the ground up, complete with an automated email marketing strategy that makes them money while they sleep.

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Unlike other web designers that build drag and drop websites that all look the same, we are REAL development and marketing experts with over 20 years of corporate web design and marketing experience. We've built, designed and managed enterprise-level websites for global brands and have managed many MILLIONS in advertising spend. If you're looking to become a digital powerhouse and dominate the attention-share in your industry, we want to work with you.

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